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We are busy preparing Warrior and Final Answer for the forthcoming Chichester fishing season.  We will begin in March fishing the offshore banks for blonde rays, spur dogs and congers.

Providing the weather is calm, the fishing in this area can produce some real specimens.  Blonde Rays to 30lb, Spur Dogs to 25lb and Conger Eels up to 50lb.  In shore there will be some smaller rays ie, Thorn backs, Spotties and Small Eyed.  What we want now is for the weather to stay mild so the seas off the Sussex coast start to warm up.  This will bring on the Spring species (especially the Bream) for the end of April.  With luck, the large male Bream will congregate off the inshore marks off Selsey searching for their places to build their nests, with the females arriving early to mid May. 

If you'd like to book a trip, either a half or fully day, call the office (01243 672088) or send us an email at ahoy@somethingfishy.fish

If you don't want to charter a boat and form your own group, we are offering monthly individuals trips with up to 8 slots available.

We will be starting a Whatsapp group where we will share last minute availability on a first come, first served basis.  If you'd like to be added to this, please let us know by sending a whatsapp message to 07972010131

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